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    Default a few referencing questions

    Hi guys, I'm looking to reference check a prospective tenant. Can you please advise what the difference between referencing and credit checking is? Also what are the typical costs for both and what is recommended? My understanding is that the following makes a tenant reference:

    1. Prvious landlord opinion
    2. Proof of employment, duration of current job and salary
    2. Last 3 months bank statements
    3. Last 3 months pay slips
    4. Credit check

    Am I right with the above or way out? Please help

    This is a duplicate post, and I appologise for that. I haven't had much luck in the other forum (scottish legal issues).

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    Referencing a tenant involves checking previous landlord, employment, residential status etc. Credit checking is just a check on their financial status on record, i.e. ccj, court orders etc. Neither is much good without the other.

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    Thanks for that. Cleared that one right up

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