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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan_Manchester View Post
    Couple of good points there...

    Glad the company is still in business.

    I assume it's the same slate tiles which are now causing you problems? Perhaps contact trading standards and threaten the firm with legal action should they not make good the repairs.
    Thanks thats good advice. I'll do that Monday. At some point the lay person has to take the tradesman at their word. I'll just have to cross fingers this gets sorted before the property gets on the market. Have a good week end. Believe it or not it's actually stopped raining and the Suns come out here in Vancouver. You didn't have anything to do with that did you Dan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlesstunts View Post
    That may also be true but I would have expected it to last more than 2 years.
    Assuming that it is the work they carried out that has failed and not a deterioration of another element.

    I'd echo the need to get an independant inspection done.
    There is always scope for misinterpretation.

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    Default A "Roofer" Responds after 3 emails and a surveyors report!

    Quote Originally Posted by bandontherun View Post
    Part of the problem is that the specification of work may not have covered what was actually the problem. If you are in Vancouver and unable to monitor I suggest you grit your teeth and call in a chartered surveyor specialising in Building Surveying: ask him to specify the work required and have it tendered; then certify the work was carried out satisfactorily.

    To misquote myself "All short cuts are long cuts"!
    So a reply at last perhaps it was the criticism of the Surveyors report. It pointed out the poor workmanship and use of poor Bitumen like materials. The latter he seemed to take offence at and responded that the material used was a high quality material called Ubiflex Lead Replacement. But he seems to have missed the opportunity to apologize or even negotiate a remedy he asked if I'd like to have him come round to quote for fixing the damp problem. Totally missing the fact that that is exactly what I paid him to do first time round. The great thing about taking the time with the surveyor is that you very clearly see what a poor job he had done in the first place and that the patch job was never going to last. Trading Standards were very helpful and registered letters have been posted. The website boasts of 25 years experience in the business and a reputation other companies envy. I'll let the Judge decide.

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    I'd suspect that 'making good repairs' may be a good solution if you are selling quickly, but will not last the normal expectation of roofing repairs of a couple of decades.

    Ubiflex *is* a high quality material (it's expensive enough :-) - 500mmx6m roll is about £100, 6x the cost of flashband) - it is a thick lead replacement product built around an aluminium mesh.

    But your surveyor perhaps did his survey from the ground (?).

    "clear the gutters, cap the chimneys, slate repair and erection and removal of scaffolding at the property to carry out said works"
    That perhaps explains the cost of several k. £500-£1000 of that would be for scaffolding, and each element could be a couple of hundred.

    Perhaps his main error was in not coming back to you at the time to say that the job was bigger than thought.

    I think you took the correct route, and hope it turns out OK.

    If you are renting out through an agency, they may have a tame (or in-house) Chartered Surveyor for checking the work afterwards.

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    Never mind getting it repaired - get it re- roofed! That looks disgraceful!

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