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    Question Is landlord legal expenses cover worth it?

    Hi, I’m trying to keep my insurance cost down, without actually taking on too much of the liability.

    I’m considering removing the landlord legal expenses which is an additional £30. When I read the policy details, and the hoops I need to jump through to get a claim pushed through, I’m not too sure I’d ever use it.

    After all, the objective is to get the place sorted and rented out again.

    What’s everybody else think?

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    Ciccio, I have found the same as you, when some insurers offer legal expenses, especially when they say it is included automatically, the policy has more get outs than a colander.
    Important is not to skimp on your property cover. If you go for the cheapest, beware also the get-outs

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    what about if its not included, and its a £30 uplift on the policy. Would you bother?

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    I have included it in the past but only when I read thoroughly through it.
    I have not found a free one that gives the same cover as one you pay for.

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    If legal expenses insurance is a bolt-on you do need to look at it carefully. Ask yourself whether anything cheap can be much good.

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