To the owners of this site.

Will you please go back to version 3 ( last update of 3 )
as this site is getting worse.

3 times I have posted, and 3 times my post does not get
on the boards.
If I again, reply to a post, and "restore autosave" i get back
that which I posted, and then it will post.

You did a survey, and 66% / 70% of people WANTED version 3
Please do so, as it's easy.

Also as mentined before, the first line of some posts have a
word repeated, on the second line.

vBulletin® is KNOWN for its multipul faults from version 4 onwards.

Many sites say vBulletin® would rather program to link to facespace , mybook , twitter, than correct the faults.

Can someone who pays the bills to vBulletin® tell us why you
refuse to give your customers a hassle free forum, and revert to
version 3 ?

Text and pictures, that's all this wesite is, and I accessed the
internet before windows was invented, using dos, to get
text and pictures, but now it seems impossible for spotty faced
programmers to fit anything onto a screen without it overlapping
and not advising you that you need a half mile wide screen to
access the site !

There are many complaints on here about version 4, AND on
the internet.

So own up,2 - you got it wrong, and will revert back to version 3.

Thank you.

R.a.M. ( if it posts ! )