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    Default Insurance for Leasehold Flat with Malicious Damage

    I'm struggling to find an insurer who will insure everything in my flat i.e. kitchen and bathroom fittings, fixtures, flooring + basic contents (white goods, carpets, curtains etc.). Since it's a leasehold flat, there is already buildings insurance cover on the building as a whole, but this doesn't cover replacing my fitted kitchen and bathroom. Several companies have told me they cannot insure this as I need buildings insurance to cover this, but since this is already covered under a separate policy, they can't give me another buildings insurance policy.

    I found one company today through searching on this site (Rentguard) who would do the above, but they don't cover malicious damage. In my mind, insurance is supposed to protect against all possible circumstances, and it's certainly possible that a tenant or one of their guests could cause significant damage within the flat which wouldn't be covered by their deposit. So I don't see the point in paying a premium and not being covered for as much as is reasonably possible.

    From the number I've tried, clearly I'm a square peg that doesn't fit into the round hole most landlords insurers provide - though I really can't see why what I want is so unusual. Can anyone name some specialist insurers who can actually tailor a square shaped hole for me?

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    Sounds like you are looking for the impossible dream as well as a square hole. Try finding an insurer who will pay for maintenance and I will buy you a drink!
    Every insurer has exclusions and unless you accept this, you are going to be disappointed.

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    I can understand there are always going to be some exclusions, but I don't think asking for a policy which protects my fixtures and fittings + basic contents from malicious damage is that much to ask? Why is this an impossible dream? What's the point of insurance if it doesn't protect against things like this?

    At any rate, as originally said, if anyone can let me know which specialist insurers they use, it would be appreciated.

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