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    Unhappy Help! Deposit issue!!!

    Hi, I am new here. Please would someone help me with this deposit issues?

    I have moved out from previous rented house (4 bedrooms with a large garden) 6 weeks ago after living there for 9 months. I have paid £2400 for deposit. The rent was £1600 per month. During my staying I have always paid the rent on time. Keep the house as clean as possible.

    I received a breakdown of charges from ex landlord of £590 after 30 days I moved out. I disputed some of the charges and agreed to pay £200 for cleaning and missing items. Then today I received a charge of £645 from him.

    Please see the following charges made by him:
    1. Professional cleaning £102
    I have domestic cleaned the house by myself. Rented a carpet cleaner to clean the carpet myself. I left the house in a good and clean condition. On the inventory, it stated "the carpet to be cleaned", "curtain to be cleaned". They have never been cleaned by LL after I moved in.

    2. Carpet cleaning - Back bedroom carpet and bathroom floors badly marked and unable to remove marks generally £175
    The house is very old, solid wall and metal frame single glazing window throughout. The back bedroom carpet has grown some mould during the time I was stay in. I have noticed it when I moved the bed on the day I was moving. I tried to use the carpet cleaner to remove it but unsuccessful.

    The vinyl in the family bathroom was marked by growing mould underneath it.

    Should I pay for it? Should this be under wear and tear due to the age and type of the house?

    3. Repair kitchen floor - inspected for leaks but none present. Plumber £30, broken wooden tiles in the kitchen floor £30.
    I have reported the broken floor to LL 3 weeks before I moved out. In the email I sent to him stated “there might be a leak from somewhere, should you want to inspect it yourself, feel free to come in". However, he didn't come in to inspect it himself and called a plumber instead. The plumber did not find any leak, and now LL is charging me for the £30 plumber cost.

    The broken floor was caused by the humidity accumulated in the house; there are some other floor tiles have become loose as well, spreading from the hall way to the downstairs cloakroom. On the latest email he sent to me said that I have poured some hot stuffed over it to cause the wooden floor to break. I didn't pour any hot stuff on the kitchen floor causing the damage, they became loose gradually and one day just broke into pieces. Should I pay for it?

    4. Replace shrunk curtains £50
    I have washed all the curtains by myself before move out as they are not expensive ones. All of the curtains shrunk a little bit by no more than 3cm. LL is charging me for one of the bedroom curtains for £50. I didn't damage it, still in working condition. Should I pay for it?

    5. Gardening estimate £176
    I have done my duty to cut the grass regularly and keep it as weed free as possible. Now LL is not happy with his garden and charges me for £176.

    6. I am prepared to pay for the repainting and the missing items of £82.

    Still there is total of £563 charges requested by LL. The deposit is protected under TDS. I would like some advice on whether the above charges are fair or not.

    I am prepared to take him to the Small Claims Court. He is an accountant. Has anyone done it before and any suggestion?

    Sorry about this long post.

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    Did you have an inventory done when you 1st entered the property - if so did it mention these carpet marks etc? Did you have a photo of the garden showing original condition? Don't forget the LL will have to prove his case too.

    In general you supposed to keep the house in good condition and not allow mould so the LL may have something on his side.

    You could easily start a dispute over the deposit which the TDS would have to monitor - you don't have to bring a case in the small claims court. The fact that he LL is an accountant is irrelevant

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    I did have an inventory when I 1st moved in. The Garden condition was "covered in snow". No photo proved.

    I tried to keep the house in good condition. I didn't have any mould problems with previous rented properties. This house was the only one with mould growing on the windows, blinds, curtains, corners of wall and carpet. It is a very damped house.

    I would like to find out whether it is normal for landlord charged 26.8% of deposit.

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