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    Anybody know how much an insurance claim can affect my building insurance?

    basically the flat above me has burst its pipes and soaked my ceiling tiles which all need replacing as well as new lights fitted as there all soaked

    its the flat above fault so my insurance has told me get a quote and get it fixed etc and then send my insurers the quote but what i want to know is what happens if the flat above don’t have insurance etc will it affect my insurance?
    And if so how much ? my current builidng insurance is currently £500 a year but the claim is going be about 5k

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    Unless you can prove negligence, then your insurance will have to pay the costs. Negligence can only usually be proved where the tenants in the flat above have known about the burst pipe and not acted. Unfortuntately, if it is just a burst pipe, and an accident, then they are not responsible for the damage and you will have to take the hit on your insurance (and resulting premium)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jemmi Anderson View Post
    And if so how much ? my current builidng insurance is currently £500 a year but the claim is going be about 5k
    I'm afraid I can't advise - I don't work in underwriting - you could always try asking the insurer, but usually they'll say they don't know.

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    In this case you need to get a Chartered Loss Assessor, (Yellow Pages is full of them) When I have had a claim involving other peoples insurance I have always use one and they are worth their weight in gold. They will argue against the Flat Owners Insurance Companies own Loss Adjuster far more successfully than you will be able to and you will have a better repair.
    On one occasion the inside of relatives house was affected by smoke from a fire in the adjoining house and the Loss Assessor I recommended successfully had them put up in a good hotel for a week whilst the professional cleaners went in together with decorators. Whereas their own Insurance Company did not want to know.
    And with luck, your Loss Assessor, should deal directly with the Flat owners Insurance Company, so in fact, you havent made a claim, so it should not effect your premium, but quite rightly affect the adjoining flat owners insurance.

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