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    Default Roof Leak caused mold in bedroom help please

    i was wondering if anyone can help, we are renting a 3 bedroom house from a letting agent, we have had a 12 month tenancy that expired and we are now running on a month by month basis.
    At the end of May our flat roof started leaking, we called our letting agent at the beginning of June due to the weekend break. A week later a surveyor came to look and decided that a trademan would have to see what damage there was.
    When the roofer had looked at the roof he told us that the whole roof could do with being resurfaced, but short term the flashings could be fixed, after this was reported back to our letting agent who told us that they would need to speak to the landlord and get back to us. With the rain over the last 2 months the leak has got worse, the bedroom walls are damp and there is black mold growing on one of the leaks. we cannot use our bedroom as it feels damp and has given us cold like symptoms. We are still no closer to getting this fixed and wondered if we could hold the rent until some work has been done.
    thanks for your time

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    Quote Originally Posted by khope View Post
    We are still no closer to getting this fixed and wondered if we could hold the rent until some work has been done.
    There is a procedure for tenants wanting to carry out repairs. You must follow it precisely. The link below is from shelter.


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    Living in a mold infested room is really dangerous for your health!

    Sort it out immediatley.

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    Tescos rubber gloves mask good disinfectant cloths.
    Clean off mould with damp cloth and disinfectant applied neat and dispose of cloths. Lightly spray area with disinfectant afterward.

    Not bleach too much risk of damage to carpets etc.

    Call landlord Monday and say I would like HSS to deliver a dehumidifer tommorrow or I call the environment health officer.

    And follow Mrs Mugs advice.
    Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.

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