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    Default Difference between section 8 and section 21?

    I posted on this forum the other day asking for advice with my tenant who is refusing to leave my property at the end of the contract until the Council re-home him!
    Long story short, I have downloaded and filled out the N5B form and this will be submitted to the courts the day the contract expires. However, upon reading a few posts on this site, I often see reference to a 'section 8' Can someone please tell me what this is and will it apply in my situation. A section 21 was served on the tenant.

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    You should read Serving Section 8 and Serving Section 21 to gain better understanding of both types of notices.

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    A section 8 is usually used for tenants with rent arrears of more than 2 months unpaid - which doesn't seem to be the case with you just yet. Full list of reasons a section 8 can be used are here
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    Thank you, I now understand the difference.


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