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    Default Landlord with no Gas safety Certificate?

    Hi all

    I have asked my landlord to have the boiler fixed because many of the warning lights on it are lit, but he hasn't done anything. Is this his responsibility? I had my own cooker installed and the corgi guy that installed it told me to insist that the landlord have the boiler checked as it was a legal requirement.

    I was just wandering if my landlord does not give me a gas safety certificate, or does not have a corgi registered person come and fix/check the boiler is he in breach of the AST contract?

    The property has broken floorboards, faulty switches and sockets, no smoke alarms, broken gutter pipes and alot of water damage (it smells foul everytime it rains in kitchen and bathroom). Are smoke alarms a legal requirement?

    I am in my fourth month of a 12 month contract and now the weather is getting bad so are the problems with the house.

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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    There are no legal requirements to fit smoke alarms in non-HMO properties. I am pretty certain that mains smoke alarms are a legal requirement for mandatory licensed houses in multiple occupation.

    It is definitely your landlord’s responsibility to have the property’s gas appliances certificated annually. Your landlord is committing a criminal offence if there is no current gas safety certificate for the property.

    I am guessing that a gas safety certificate should include your own gas cooker, because it would be illogical in my mind to exclude it from safety checks.

    You have a choice:
    • insist that your landlord undertakes a gas safety check without further delay or
    • inform your landlord that if they do not make arrangements for an engineer, you will do so yourself and deduct the cost from the rent.

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    The Gas Safe Register replaced the CORGI gas register on 1 April 2009. You can check their website for advice, it suggests
    "If you think that your landlord is not complying with the law you should get in touch with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

    Failure to follow gas safety requirements is a criminal offence and the HSE can issue a formal caution and may prosecute your landlord."
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    Thanks for your responses.

    I asked the landlord on numerous occasions to have the boiler checked out because all the warning lights on it are lit. He did nothing.

    So now I have asked in writing for everything that needs to be done in the house. I have asked him to give me copy of the gas safety certificate for the house and reminded him that it was a legal requirement to get the gas appliances checked annually. I am still waiting for a response.

    Should I wait 2 weeks to wait for a response before following it up?

    ps. Is it my imagination or do good landlords tend to get bad tenants and good tenants tend to get bad landlords?

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    So my landlord got a friend to check the boiler today, he seemed to know what he was doing and said it was all fine and the lights were supposed to light up. However my landlord has still not given me a gas safety certificate even though I have asked for one in writing. I asked the boiler guy if he was going to give me a gas safety certificate but he said he was only going to check the boiler.

    Should I keep insisting on one? He hasn't informed me how he has protected my deposit either. Am I being awkward or should I keep asking for these things?

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    I suggest that you don't merely keep asking. You need to put your issues to your landlord in such a way that he cannot ignore them.

    Write one last time insisting that the landlord arranges for a gas safety inspection within seven days or you will arrange it and deduct the cost from the rent. (I’ve already told you that.) If you do not hear from your landlord at the end of seven days, arrange the gas safety check without further reference to your landlord.

    I am assuming you have an assured shorthold tenancy and the rent is less than £25,000 per annum. Write and insist that you are provided with prescribed information pertaining to your deposit within seven days or you will start legal action to claim three times the deposit amount as laid out in the Housing Act 2004 section 214(4). (Learn'd members please correct me where necessary.)

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