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    Default Can leaseholder of flat install CCTV in communal area?

    Hi everyone,

    i currently own the Freehold and first floor leasehold property of house that has been converted into two flats. The tenant in the ground floor flat has installed CCTV in the communal hallway area that looks onto both flat doors.

    Should he have sought permission to do this from the me as the freeholder?

    If yes, is there a law that prevents him from doing this?


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    It depends on what the lease says. Generally, no lessee has power to install anything in communal areas.
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    Default cctv

    yes he should have obtained your consent, but sounds like a good idea in terms of crime prevention.........

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    Is this the flat owned by a housing association and let to a probable mentally ill tenant?

    You must not allow lessees (and their tenants) to encroach on communal areas. Write to the lessee to take steps to remove the camera completely and make good any damage to the erection site within (say) 14 days or you will remove it yourself and bill them for your costs.

    I’ve got a thick blob of black paint if you can think of a use for it?

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    My block is in the NW London area and there has been a spate of daytime burglaries to flats whilst the residents are out at work. In one block,4 flats on top floor were entered and those residents lost their money , jewelry and their laptops. Security must come first.

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    I would be tempted just to rip the damn thing off the wall, but then knowing my luck i would get done for damaging it!

    I need to have a check through the leases, but i can assure you this is not for home security. There must be about 4 cameras in and around the property now and its just not on from a privacy point of view.

    Thanks for all your help!

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