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    Default How to go about getting DSS to help pay rent

    Hello. I have been given a "dead line" to leave the house where I am staying at the moment which is 1 month. I have deposit money and something like a bedsit would be fine until I find my feet. I was just wondering how much the DSS would roughly pay of that rent and how to go about it all. What forms to get, where to get them, any special conditions ect. I am very new to all this and really dont have a clue where to start. If the rent for the bedsit was £100 a month im guessing they may pay £60 or £70 a of that? I also dont have a job at the moment so I can't just move out otherwise I would. Any suggestions would be very kind. Thanks alot.

    My local council is barking and dagenham but dont know where to go to enquire about this.

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    This question would be better answered IMO on money saving expert website - give it a go.

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    The following link is for the Local Housing Allowance paid by your council. Just select Barking and Dagenham.


    I believe that you have to claim Housing Benefit from your local council office. I would search on their website.

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    Thanks very much for your reply. How long "generally" does it take for this process to happen. From getting the correct forms to moving into a place. Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by uperkurk View Post
    How long "generally" does it take for this process to happen. From getting the correct forms to moving into a place. Any ideas?
    Sorry, I've no idea about that. I'm a landlord.

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    Exactly why I said money saving expert mostly tenants there

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    Thanks for your reply. I am going to sort it all out on monday. If I didnt have deposit money I would be really stuck lol. Thanks again for your time to reply.

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    Depending on your circumstances, you can apply to DSS or the local authority.

    Most people receiving Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance (income based) or Pension Credit (Guarantee) choose the DSS / Pension Service route. In this way, they deal with their main claim and are invited to make a supplementary application for HB/CTB.

    The HB/CTB details are then passed to the local authority; usually supported by an Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance or Pension Credit notification.

    The law says that a claimant who has claimed a rent allowance (HB) should normally be paid at least an interim amount within 14 days of the claim. In other words, where it is impractical to make a make a determination within 14 days, a payment on account must be considered as an alternative.

    Housing and Council Tax Benefits
    Revenues and Benefits
    London Borough of Barking and Dagenham
    90 Stour Road
    RM10 7JD

    How to avoid potential difficulties
    Respond to further requests for information.

    Useful information from Mrs Mug on the subject of local housing allowance. Please be aware that it is your use of accommodation that determines the LHA. For example, you cannot claim a 6 bedroom LHA allocation if there is only one of you!!
    Michael Clayton

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