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    Default Offset Mortgage

    Is it possible to get offset mortgate which is interest only? Let's say if you have 100'000 interest only mortage and 50'000 in your saving account - can you arrange to have offset interest mortage thus making the monthly interest payments smaller? Is there a such a thing as offset mortgage interest only?

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    Default Morgage/property Investment


    I too had all this questions about mortgages and property investment but I was introduced to this site www.insidetrack.co.uk by a friend of mine and since then I have attended few seminars about property investment conducted by the staff at www.insidetrack.co.uk where I was able to clarify all the doubts. So my advice is to visit www.insidetrack.co.uk where you’ll be able to find useful information about property investment.

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    Default Money

    Inside track is just trying to sell you a weekend listening to the sales talk, then upgrade at huge expense. It is ok if you want to buy off-plan and anywhere in the world, not great for staying local and in some sort of control. I am doing the rounds of these investment companies so that I can offer some insight to them, this one I would be wary of unless I just wanted to own properties, having said that, the £6,000 membership fee and the savings has worked for other people from what I hear, but there are others out there, shop around.

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    Default Offset Mortgages


    Quick answer is yes. Most lenders are fine with interest only mortgages however many will want you to have some form of repayment vehicle in place. I use these alot for my property investor clients particularly the products that have a cheque book facility e.g. ISA


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