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    Capital Gains tax

    Dear All,

    I have a property which is currently let on a buy to let mortgage. I have just re-mortgaged for another 2 years and the current tenants move out at the end of the Jan 2015. I want to...
  2. Thanks for your replies. A couple of things to...

    Thanks for your replies.

    A couple of things to add. Firstly the agent has not replied to numerous phone calls. Between 5-10 in a week. and I asked for the price to be reduced four days ago which...
  3. Agent threatening to charge me fee for moving from sole agent to multiple agency


    I have a property which is currently being offered for letting on a sole agent however after a week I did not feel that all is being done that can and be should have been. My phone calls...
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    Rent Guarantee insurance. Worth it?


    I am considering moving from an agent that includes rent guarantee insurance with each new tenant it provides me to another agent that does not. Luckily I have never had to use the policy...
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    Hello, Thanks for the reply. Intially the...


    Thanks for the reply.

    Intially the estate agent did the 12 months and protected the deposit and PI provided and the tenant decided to stay for another 3 months and so estate agent issued...
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    section 21 notice help needed


    I have a tenant who is due to leave my property on Sunday 3rd Aug. However, her highness is now refusing as she cannot find a suitable replacement property. I was naive and did not issue...
  7. Capital Gains TAX when selling a Buy to let property


    I have a BTL property and am thinking about adding a family member onto the title. The mortgage company said this would be fine and it would be subject to a £100 admin fee. They informed me...
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    Should get landlords insurance ?

    I have two properties which I let out in the same purpose build modern block.

    I have buildings insurance on both properties as the managing agents provide this at a cost to me and all of the other...
  9. Thank you for your non-judgemental reply...

    Thank you for your non-judgemental reply jpkeates. I had personal issues which is why I moved home. Yes i agree it may be construed as being a a tax avoidance issue but it wasn't.

    The property...
  10. How much capital gains tax do I need to pay?


    I bought a property in mid 2010 on a residential mortgage. I stayed there for a short while and have some utility bills and council tax. The utility bills are for a few months and the...
  11. Is their capital gains on this transfer of equity?

    My father has a property which he owns two thirds of, and his brother the remaining one third. My father wants to gift one third to myself and the other third to my sister. Myself and my sister...
  12. oh, how can I remove the name? or can the post be...

    oh, how can I remove the name? or can the post be taken down?
  13. Getting a buy to let mortgage on a property already let out to the council

    I am in the process of buying a property and it is currently being let out through a management agent to the local council. It is on a contract for five years which started in April 2011, therefore...
  14. Solicitors fees for BTL claimable or a capital gains?

    I bought a property on a buy to let mortgage in Feb 2013. Is my solicitors fees for the purchase an allowable expense for my self assessment for year april 2012- april 2013 or is it an expense that...
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    10% wear and tear and Repairs

    I have a buy to let property where I claim the 10% wear and tear allowance of the yearly rent.

    I was wondering if anyone has a detailed list of what is included in this 10% wear and tear allowance...
  16. Can a letting agent force me to use their letting agreement with a £400 fee?


    Can a well known estate agent make me pay £350 plus vat for a tenancy agreement?

    I clearly asked the lettings manager that I thought I could use my own contract and she stated we...
  17. Can the management company of my apartment make me pay buildings insurance to them?

    I have a purpose build apartment, which is one of 32 in a modern block built in 1999. I currently get billed from the management company whom I pay the maintenance charge to for the buildings...
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    Flue void inspection hatch help needed?

    Hello all,

    I have an apartment where there is a flue in a void approximately 4.5 meters in length. This is the length of the flue from the boiler across the lounge to the outside of the apartment...
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    Thanks for your help. Also, I want to chose...

    Thanks for your help.

    Also, I want to chose the 10% rule for wear and tear. Doesnt this include new carpet as it it a furnishing?

    Is the 10% rule only applicable to furnishing etc?
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    The property was built in 1999, I purchased it in...

    The property was built in 1999, I purchased it in 2010.

    Some items were done before letting, some were done inbetween tenants
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    Allowable expenses?

    I understand that allowable expenses can be repairs and maintenance but not improvements as per income tax rules.

    I was wondering if the following are considered as allowable expenses:

    1) New...
  22. AST Tenancy agreement for a furnished flat needed

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to a good quality tenancy agreement for a furnished flat on an AST. My well known agent has suggested the one I have from, isn`t...
  23. How to insert a break clause into a AST contract corectly

    I want to let my property out for 12 months, but the tenants want 18 months, but are willing to have a break clause of 12 months. How do I include this into the contract corectly.

    Also does...
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    Landlord insurance and rent insurance

    I shall be letting my flat out from next week, and wanted information on two points.

    Firstly, I want a landlords insurance policy. (my apartment is in a purpose built block where I already pay...
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    Inventory list

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for an inventory list.

    My apartment will be rented out shortly and it will be furnished and I need to provide an inventory.

    Thanks in advance
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