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jeffrey Senior Member 11-09-2006 39,316   Frequent consultation contributor to HMLR and Law CommissionSheffieldADDRESS: Nether Edge Law, PO Box 3439, Sheffield S11 8NHSenior Solicitor with >32 yrs experience, now specialising in Conveyancing Research (SRA no. 442370)Nether Edge Law: e-mail me at jss@netheredgelaw.co.uk (or telephone/fax 0114-268 7638)No
mind the gap Senior Member 08-07-2008 25,915 mind the gap's Avatar student landlord; I also renovate, decorate and manage properties.Yorkshire5 properties over last 15 yearspainter and decorator; property manager2 small businesses (professional decorating and property management)pm me for details
SnorkerzVerified Poster Senior Member 09-07-2008 16,567   Born in Blackpool 21 years ago (I wish!) and now living in South Wales - still by the sea. Long interest in the law but only came into letting in 2008 with an inherited property - my childhood home. Subsequently set up TenancyServices for a short while but had to give that up due to ill health. Pleased to report that is about to be resurrected at www.tenancydoctors.co.uk :)CarmarthenshireHave beenEviction SpecialistTenancyDoctorswww.tenancydoctors.co.uk
theartfullodgerVerified Poster Senior Member 06-03-2009 16,185         
leaseholdanswersVerified Poster Senior Member 01-06-2010 15,751 leaseholdanswers's Avatar Asset & Property Manager and Building Surveyor (as of 2016) at largeA green house with fully airconditioned toilet, near Alien Gardens, Hipstertownyes - 32 yearsprivate practice and consultancyconfidential 
westminster Senior Member 19-05-2009 14,114 westminster's Avatar   12 years as LL, currently have 2 rental properties   
LawcruncherVerified Poster Senior Member 30-06-2008 13,291 Lawcruncher's Avatar  Andalucía Retired Legal Executive F.Inst.L.Ex.  
jpkeatesVerified Poster Senior Member 05-02-2014 11,882    Midlands    
thesaint Senior Member 19-10-2006 9,246         
JK0 Senior Member 15-10-2009 8,931         
jjlandlordVerified Poster Senior Member 05-11-2010 7,780         
ram Senior Member 08-06-2008 7,445   Indigenous British Male. Home owner, also renting: Property manager: Director: Shareholder: whipping boy and tea boy:oop north Aa is chillin by de pool wiff me bitches  
jtaVerified Poster Senior Member 31-05-2007 7,208 jta's Avatar       
marinerVerified Poster Senior Member 23-01-2011 6,673         
PaulFVerified Poster Senior Member 05-02-2005 6,253 PaulF's Avatar I am now retired from the lettings industry. My main function from 2003 was training letting agents. I've was in estate agency for 38 years.HampshireSee biographyRetired Training Consultant  
EricthelobsterVerified Poster Senior Member 31-01-2005 5,557 Ericthelobster's Avatar       
Gordon999 Senior Member 27-08-2008 5,160         
islandgirl Senior Member 30-09-2005 4,884 islandgirl's Avatar       
InterlakenVerified Poster Senior Member 06-01-2010 4,509 Interlaken's Avatar A 26 year old female born in the 50's. Main interest is people watching.Central south coast25 years of letting mine and other peoples propertiesSales  
Rodent1 Senior Member 16-07-2007 3,918 Rodent1's Avatar  South Wales15 yrs 31 propertiessee sigsee sig 
Poppy Senior Member 12-02-2005 3,580    London>1   
Mrs MugVerified Poster Senior Member 13-03-2008 3,436 Mrs Mug's Avatar       
Bel Senior Member 08-02-2006 3,360 Bel's Avatar       
ClaymoreVerified Poster Senior Member 19-01-2011 3,286 Claymore's Avatar Claymore, as in the Scottish Sword, implies masculine. I am neither Scottish nor masculine and I'm not a man! I am definitely blonde and have been known to live up to the reputation....... Any opinions I offer - are only opinions and usually based on my own experience.Windowsill Bay6 years and 6 propertiesLandlord  
andydd Senior Member 17-11-2008 3,169   Long suffering leaseholder. Was niave for a number of years but then began to question my service charges. Been reasonably succesfull in LVT/Court in getting amounts refunded from my freeholder totalling over £2000.     
Wannadonnadoodah Senior Member 10-01-2014 2,684 Wannadonnadoodah's Avatar       
MrJohnnyB Senior Member 26-11-2008 2,644 MrJohnnyB's Avatar  Suffolk Chartered Surveyor  
andybenw Senior Member 07-03-2014 2,578         
Telometer Senior Member 08-08-2008 2,530         
AndrewDod Senior Member 15-08-2010 2,362   Landlord and tenant     
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