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jeffrey Senior Member 11-09-2006 39,399   Frequent consultation contributor to HMLR and Law CommissionSheffieldADDRESS: Nether Edge Law, PO Box 3439, Sheffield S11 8NHSenior Solicitor with >32 yrs experience, now specialising in Conveyancing Research (SRA no. 442370)Nether Edge Law: e-mail me at (or telephone/fax 0114-268 7638)No
mind the gap Senior Member 08-07-2008 24,814 mind the gap's Avatar student landlord; I also renovate, decorate and manage properties.Yorkshire5 properties over last 15 yearspainter and decorator; property manager2 small businesses (professional decorating and property management)pm me for details
SnorkerzVerified Poster Senior Member 09-07-2008 16,344   Born in Blackpool 21 years ago (I wish!) and now living in South Wales - still by the sea. Long interest in the law but only came into letting in 2008 with an inherited property - my childhood home. Subsequently set up TenancyServices for a short while but had to give that up due to ill health.CarmarthenshireHave beenTelesales  
leaseholdanswersVerified Poster Senior Member 01-06-2010 15,733 leaseholdanswers's Avatar Asset & Property Manager and Surveyor at largeA shed with fully airconditioned toilet, Ham on Ryeyes - 30 yearsprivate practice and consultancyconfidential 
westminster Senior Member 19-05-2009 14,115 westminster's Avatar   12 years as LL, currently have 2 rental properties   
theartfullodgerVerified Poster Senior Member 06-03-2009 11,707         
LawcruncherVerified Poster Senior Member 30-06-2008 10,979 Lawcruncher's Avatar  Andalucía Retired Legal Executive F.Inst.L.Ex.  
thesaint Senior Member 19-10-2006 8,166         
jtaVerified Poster Senior Member 31-05-2007 6,988 jta's Avatar       
JK0 Senior Member 15-10-2009 6,513         
PaulFVerified Poster Senior Member 05-02-2005 6,233 PaulF's Avatar I am now retired from the lettings industry. My main function from 2003 was training letting agents. I've was in estate agency for 38 years.HampshireSee biographyRetired Training Consultant  
ram Senior Member 08-06-2008 6,188   Indigenous British Male. Home owner, also renting: Property manager: Director: Shareholder: whipping boy and tea boy:oop north Aa is chillin by de pool wiff me bitches  
jjlandlordVerified Poster Senior Member 05-11-2010 6,088         
EricthelobsterVerified Poster Senior Member 31-01-2005 5,388 Ericthelobster's Avatar       
jpkeatesVerified Poster Senior Member 05-02-2014 5,023    Midlands    
islandgirl Senior Member 30-09-2005 4,601 islandgirl's Avatar       
marinerVerified Poster Senior Member 23-01-2011 4,576         
Gordon999 Senior Member 27-08-2008 3,924         
Rodent1 Senior Member 16-07-2007 3,917 Rodent1's Avatar  South Wales15 yrs 31 propertiessee sigsee sig 
InterlakenVerified Poster Senior Member 06-01-2010 3,829 Interlaken's Avatar A 26 year old female born in the 50's. Main interest is people watching.Central south coast25 years of letting mine and other peoples propertiesSales  
Poppy Senior Member 12-02-2005 3,587    London>1   
Bel Senior Member 08-02-2006 3,349 Bel's Avatar       
HippogriffVerified Poster Senior Member 26-09-2009 2,846 Hippogriff's Avatar  Sheffield and Barnsley, UK3 and 6
Mrs MugVerified Poster Senior Member 13-03-2008 2,750 Mrs Mug's Avatar       
MrJohnnyB Senior Member 26-11-2008 2,628 MrJohnnyB's Avatar  Suffolk Surveyor  
Telometer Senior Member 08-08-2008 2,530         
andydd Senior Member 17-11-2008 2,457   Long suffering leaseholder. Was niave for a number of years but then began to question my service charges. Been reasonably succesfull in LVT/Court in getting amounts refunded from my freeholder totalling over £2000.     
ClaymoreVerified Poster Senior Member 19-01-2011 2,423 Claymore's Avatar Claymore, as in the Scottish Sword, implies masculine. I am neither Scottish nor masculine and I'm not a man! I am definitely blonde and have been known to live up to the reputation....... Any opinions I offer - are only opinions and usually based on my own experience.Windowsill Bay6 years and 6 propertiesCarer and Landlord  
LesleyAnne Senior Member 24-04-2010 2,275    UK1 property since September 2000   
TaxationPete Senior Member 13-01-2007 2,270         
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