View Full Version : land lord visits

23-02-2008, 16:25 PM
my landlord rang whilst I was away asking if he could show a prospective buyer around the house. I said I would rather he didnt as the no house work had been done, plus didnt know what state teenage daughter would be in!

Ive come back to find hes been in! Can he do this? I've got 3 months left on my tenancy and when I took the house I was told it was not on the market! This house is only a stop gap and I dont mind showing people around when its tidy!

23-02-2008, 17:24 PM
Views vary on this subject.
However, if you have said NO to your LL, then he just shouldn't do this.
Send him a short polite letter stating that you will allow viewings, but he must give you notice and you want to be present.

23-02-2008, 17:25 PM
The short answer is no he cannot and his actions are a trespass( actionable per se), do a search on "quit enjoyment" then write expressing your disapproval with his actions.;)