View Full Version : Can an agent go through the whole claims procedure on LL's behalf?

21-02-2008, 14:55 PM
This is related to yesterday's thread. Can an agent, instead of getting the landlord to sign the n5/n119 etc., complete the whole procedure (forms, court appearances etc.) themselves as if they were the principal? I'm fairly certain the answer is 'no' but I thought I'd ask, since it only takes 30 seconds to write the thread!

21-02-2008, 15:24 PM
Not "legally" if you get my drift because the statement of truth has to be signed by the principal as the claimant.

BUT there is a way round it apart from the obviously (strictly speaking illegal) way of signing the landlords name without him at the other end of the pen so to speak and that is to file through the online poeesssion process where a signature is not actually needed - so anyone could prep the papers for the landlord.

I don't know if the courts would accept a "per pro" signature - I doubt it though.