View Full Version : tenant obligations for deliveries/repairs

21-02-2008, 10:24 AM
I've ordered a new washer/dryer for my tenants although the old one still works (it's just very old!) but the delivery firm cannot confirm the 4 hour delivery slot until day before. My tenants are refusing to arrange to be home for the delivery unless it is before 11am which after the third attempt is still not successful.
Do tenants have to take reasonable time off to be home for deliveries/repair work provided they are given ample notice or is it solely the landlord's responsibility to take time out to wait for deliveries?

21-02-2008, 18:45 PM
if the tenants wanted a delivery of their own they would arrange time! let them arrange time! people can become slaves to their tenants, i say be the landlord.

21-02-2008, 19:16 PM
The pragmatic answer is to leave 'em with the old one then. It works...

Of course it is up to L to provide the services that are promised in the lease.