View Full Version : New landlord's problems re many tenant changeovers

20-02-2008, 23:56 PM
Hi, i am a new landlord, i let my three bedroom house to three tenants 4months ago, three of them sign a 6 months tenancy agreement with me, but two of them left the house without giving me any notice 5 weeks ago, and just ask me to keep the deposit, after that , another two tenants move in as they are friends with the tenant who is still staying in my house, but i fed up chasing rent and recieving complaint from next door, what should i do? can i just give them 1 month notice to ask them to move out? by law, i have to give 2 months notice to move out( is that correct?), so if my current tenant refuse to move out and not pay me the rent, what should i do next?( two of them just live there and not on the tenancy agreement). as they break the tenancy agreement, what happen to the tenant's deposit?
really sorry to ask you guys a lot of questions at the same time, but these tenants really do my head in, i am really appreciated for your help !!

21-02-2008, 21:39 PM
Go to this link

Read and inwardly digest.

Good luck