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28-09-2005, 12:40 PM
Just thought it would be interesting to see what backgrounds us "regulars" (classing myself as regular even though my input is not always useful) have in the housing/letting/renting markets.

My personal background is very limited....only as a tenant. Became interested in the complexities of landlord/letting law when fighting my old letting agent over a deposit, just after leaving uni. Although both parents work for social landlords and are private landlords also. Looking to go into the property market when I'm not totally crippled with student debt :p

*edit* oh and I work for Tesco :P which may humour some of you :)

Oh and thought I might as well add: my areas of expertise are computing(hardware, software, programming etc) and consumer law.

28-09-2005, 12:50 PM
I started in lettings 11 years ago and have yet to leave. In this time I have been a negotiator, senior negotiator, Lettings Manager, Branch Manager, Senior Branch Manager, Property Manager, Area Manager and Director. At present I have decided to punish myself by moving my role within the company into client accounts to try and ensure I can deal with all aspects of the business. When this is complete I am opening up a new student division in a new area with a great deal of potential. Once that is set-up my brief is to open commercial lettings and block management.

However, even with all of that under my belt and the distinctions in all property exams taken so far, you will still see me getting things wrong. But then, that has always been the challenge and is why the industry interests so many people.

28-09-2005, 13:33 PM
I am employed to coordinate the management of my boss' portfolios and those of 2 other clients. It gets complicated! My boss has his own portfolio, he also has a joint portfolio with one of our clients and he is director of the company (obviously!) I have an HND in Business Administration and a City & Guilds in Customer Service which I achieved while working for a major high st bank.

I have been here 3 years and have watched the portfolios grow from 3 very small portfolios to 3 large and one small portfolios! I oversee the management of around 50 properties under various managers right across the country. My knowledge of property law has grown over the last three years but at present i have no formal qualifications in this area... all pure painful experience.

28-09-2005, 13:54 PM
I used to work in supported housing, firstly managing flats for people with mental health problems, then managing shared houses for young single homeless people.

I then went into lecturing IT at a South London college but have now moved to Wolverhampton and lecture part time. I have rented out my 2 bed flat in London and am currently looking for a property in this area to buy with a friend for renting.

28-09-2005, 15:01 PM
I was obliged to retire from my full time profession as an airline pilot in 2002 when I was diagnosed with MS. 3 years previously after spending most of a lifetime watching the property market, I started acquiring my BTL portfolio as my pension plan. Writing the first cheque for (c) £30000 for a property was not easy! Now I've got and manage 8 with low gearing so that I can (just) live off the rental income. The learning curve has been steep but fascinating.


28-09-2005, 15:50 PM
Im a Computer Network Consultant working for a few local companies in the area. Before that I was in the Army. I have a portfolio of 5 properties ranging from a Studio to a 3 bed house. I started as to suppliment my pension but as yet Im to make any income from them, I tend to reinvest what I earn. I found this site about a year ago when I ran into my first problem and since have learned loads that I should have known before I started!, nonetheless, I consider almost a hobby and have good relationships with almost everyone I have rented to.

28-09-2005, 20:18 PM
I got into letting by accident, bought a new house and let a 'friend' stay in my old one to pay the bills while he got a mortgage on it. Needless to say, he didn't get the mortgage and left, I ran out of money and rented it out. When I met my wife, we pooled resources (she sold her place and moved in), bought a two bed as an investment at just the right time. Two years later we mortgaged this and bought more and hopefully, if property values start moving upwards again, we'll increase the portfolio and retire.

28-09-2005, 20:38 PM
I'm a chef or was and used to have a restaurant in London. This one HMO house was going to be a one off but now if I can find more with a similar mortgage / rental ratio I will certainly take on more.

28-09-2005, 22:53 PM
Im a Computer Network Consultant working for a few local companies in the area.

Hehe any jobs going dazalock :D working for Tesco when uve got a Computer Science degree really sucks :p

29-09-2005, 08:34 AM
hi pilcher - sorry to hear you've been grounded for health reasons - that really is bad luck - i fly pa28s and dr400s but nobody will pay me to do it :D

29-09-2005, 09:10 AM
Law Student - I've P.M.'d you - Now you know why my "Nom de Plume" is what it is!


29-09-2005, 12:00 PM
I work in supported housing, I'm also a youth worker and amusing as Mr. Shed thought it would be I work at Tesco too. I have a two bed house that I am about to start renting out. After that, who knows... :)

29-09-2005, 12:05 PM
Tesco is taking over!! :eek:

Even more worrying, with my degree, and still working at tesco for a massive £5.84 an hour :|

Although to be fair I am doing management training, and start a position in 2 weeks :D

29-09-2005, 15:13 PM
I am IT Manager for a well known publisher. I have one property in Reading that I have been renting out for 5 years. I started off just letting rooms for the company then when I moved out inadvertantly and in ignorance I turned it into a HMO. After being contacted by the local EHO I quickly let it to one family by removing the tenant who had sicked the EHO onto me. That is when I found this web site and issued a Section 14 notice. The remaining family unfortunately didn't work out and I had to issue a Section 8 notice to get rid of them. I have now an excellent couple in residence who I checked out with www.tenantverify.co.uk (http://www.tenantverify.co.uk)

I also have a unit in Australia that I bought off-plan on a recent holiday. That's obviously fully managed for me.

29-09-2005, 15:26 PM
Tesco is taking over!! :eek:

Even more worrying, with my degree, and still working at tesco for a massive £5.84 an hour :|

Although to be fair I am doing management training, and start a position in 2 weeks :D
I'm sorry Tesco are being so mean to you. On the other hand I'm delighted they are (because I'm a Tesco shareholder) so you can see I 've gone schizoid. I hope you do well anyway and make lots more juicy money for yourself ... not to mention yummy dividends for me.

29-09-2005, 16:18 PM
On the other hand I'm delighted they are (because I'm a Tesco shareholder) Definitely better than M&S.:D

29-09-2005, 18:08 PM
I've got them too :)

29-09-2005, 23:01 PM
Yeh lawstudent u git....taking my wages!! :D

30-09-2005, 16:53 PM
I've got them too :) I know...:D

30-09-2005, 23:03 PM
I got into this by accident, I was buying an old victorian house in a London conservation area to move out of my 2 bed flat, and a week before exchange, the seller pulled out, without any reason.

Feeling very de-motivated (I had itemised a 14-page renovation budget), by co-incidence the very next day I had an opportune phone call to buy an investment property in Spain, I decided to go for it (you either do it or you don't I guess). I now have 4 properties in London, Spain and Portugal.

I've had very bad experiences with a London property, with uninsured repairs (ocaso - don't use them), and evicting tenants. However it's been a huge learning curve (still) and now have guaranteed income in Portugal and most excellent tenants in London.

I've done this inside 6 months, and have budgetted these properties to cover the mortgage on my main residence. I'm looking forward to the next year and my next goal of becoming a property millionaire.

I don't really see this as a supplement to my main income, because I would always reinvest my earnings, I do however strive to be an honest, reliable, trustworthy landlord.

02-10-2005, 20:42 PM
Hi jxmac18, you dont fancy another property in Portugal do you? know where there is a beautiful one going begging?

02-10-2005, 20:45 PM
I work in local goverment, and there are a lot of people there who are either Tenants or Landlords. there is always a problem waiting to be solved. I found this site and have got loads of great advice from here. also find it really interesting.