View Full Version : I left my co-tenant in residence; am I still liable?

08-02-2008, 13:50 PM
I moved out of a property and gave the relevant notice period to the agency. However my flatmate stayed on in the flat and sent the agency an email stating he would be taking on the tenancy (I no longer have this mail).

After I moved out though he never paid my half of the rent and now the agency are trying to claim that I am still liable as no new tennat moved in and the tennacy was in both our names (This is the second time they are trying to claim I am liable).

The first time they did it I got email confirmation from the agency stating that I was removed from the tenancy from the date I moved out and that I should not be chased for any outstanding monies.

Can anyone advise if I am in fact still liable or whether the email confirmation I have from the agency is valid confirmation that I am not liable.


08-02-2008, 15:27 PM
If you served Notice correctly then that ends the tenancy as a whole (only one tenant of several needs to serve Notice to do this). If your old co-tenant wanted to stay there then it is up to the agent or landlord to sort it out. You haven't been too clear about what actually happened. If you give dates etc. when you servd Notice, when the fixed term or periodic tenancy ended then you might get a detailed constructive answer.

08-02-2008, 16:41 PM
Thanks Paul. The fixed term period of the tenancy was over, we were working on the basis that as long as we gave 2 mths notice to the agency then we could vacate the flat.

I gave the 2 mths notice, the agency confirmed this notice was accepted. At the time I moved out there was no rent in arrears.

08-02-2008, 18:07 PM
What did you do with the keys. I know if you hand the keys back to the agent or L/L and they accept them there is a legal arguement that they accept the end of the tenancy. How that fits in on a joint tenancy when only one party of a joint tenancy gives the keys back I dont know.

Maybe Jeffrey and answer that.

10-02-2008, 19:22 PM
Whoa! No tenant has to serve 2 months Notice no matter what the tenancy agreement states - so it appears this agent is a bit like many others - lacking in basic knowledge - when will they learn?