View Full Version : Is a maintenance package worth it?

06-02-2008, 20:15 PM

I'm looking into letting my property for the first time. I'd rather keep things simple for myself, but I also don't want to be paying out unnecessarily.

So, is a maintenance package worth it? Also, what would anyone say is a must to get - and what is wasting money?

What are the downfalls of just getting a rent/collect service?

Any responses are gratefully received! Thanks

06-02-2008, 21:03 PM
Last year I handed over my portfolio to a mangament company. This year I took them all back, they were rubbish. I had to evict the tenants they found, god only knows where they found them. They cost me thousands.
Nobody will look after your house/tenants like you will.
If you have the time the interview your own tenants and collect your own rent, it'll be worth it.
Don't mean to give all agents a bad name, just talking from my own experience.

07-02-2008, 14:05 PM

from my experience i get agents to do letting service only - advertise, reference checks, and rent is set up as standing order, very little headache, ocassional phone calls when heating/repairs etc, but i think its better you try and sort this out yourself rather than an agent do it, as you could be paying out unneccssary monies. As frednick said no one will look after your property better than you will. i looked into landlords heating/boiler policies, but they tend to work out per annum alot more than the average repairs so didnt bother. If your property is a fairly new build, very little will go wrong in my experience anyway.