View Full Version : Tenant's father will be paying rent- what steps to take?

30-01-2008, 17:03 PM
I saw a potential tenant today. Although he is a fully grown adult (40yrs old) his father (who came with him him to the viewing) is going to pay the 6 month rental. The tenant is going through marriage breakup and I guess this is the father's way of supporting him! So, regarding utilising TenantVERIFY, if it is the father who is paying the rent, I guess it is he who is credit checked? Is there anything I need to do regarding the tenant? :rolleyes: Thanks in advance for any responses.


30-01-2008, 17:05 PM
1. As the son himself is going to be T, he will be liable for rent.
2. Check financial status of both.
3. Get T's father to execute a Deed of Guarantee.

30-01-2008, 17:17 PM
Much appreciated. Need to research the Deed of Guarantee now!