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28-01-2008, 16:44 PM
I have just had some bailiffs on the phone (they got my number from advert in window) looking for a person who used to live in a property I own, they had a warrant for his arrest.

The property has been receiving loads of debt collection letters adressed to various people for a variety of different bills (but one man in particular is getting the most). A few months has passed now since I first bought it so I am expecting many more bailiffs as there has been time for them to get through the courts now.

Some tenants are moving in on Wednesday.

I just wondered are they allowed to just break in and take the tenants property, if they are under the impression it is the debtors stuff?
If so what should I do to stop tenants getting hassle? Do you think I should warn them. It might worry them unnecessarily if I do.

28-01-2008, 16:53 PM
P.S. I asked a similar question before about bailiffs and someone on this forum told me to write to them telling them the person doesn't live there and they are liable if they come and take things or cause any damamge.

I did do this and it may have worked for that lot of bailiffs but there are loads of them now so it would take forever to do it to them all plus I'm probably not supposed to open someone else's mail. I opened the other letter by accident, that's how I knew there was a problem.

28-01-2008, 16:59 PM
Simply type up a master original of a letter saying on one side that the person they want does not live at this address any more and that you are the landlord and they must not send bailiffs etc. and on the other side in big letters "Royal Mail - please return to sender".

Run some off on a printer or copier and staple the folded sheet so that Royal mail - please etc. shows on the top and staple to each unwanted letter and simply put in post box or hand each batch over to the post office counter.


If that fails, then attach a house brick to each one returned - they will soon get the message.

28-01-2008, 17:40 PM
lol DJB!!

I had this when I moved into a flat as tenant. Tell new people to keep ID to hand at all times and a copy of the tenancy agreement. Bailiffs will soon stop calling.