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09-08-2005, 15:27 PM
I am currently living in a rental property and the lease expires on the 31st August. Should i have still given notice even though the landlord has informed us that he is selling the property.

Also, i have just informed the landlord that we are moving out on Saturday (we are all paid up here until the 31st August), will there be any repercussions from that or does it not matter providing that the landlord knows?

09-08-2005, 15:31 PM
No you do not need to give notice, as long as you are paying up until the expiry of the agreement(when you say "lease" I assume you mean an Assured Shorthold Tenancy).

There should be no repercussions from moving out early. However, the landlord still has no right to enter the property until the 31st unless you have given him permission to do so, so ensure that the place is secure, all water turned off etc etc. There may be a clause in your tenancy stating that you must leave heating on, for example, if you leave the property for long than 5 days. So if there are clauses such as this, ensure that you stick to them.

09-08-2005, 15:33 PM
Sorry, yes i did mean Assured Shorthold Tenancy. Thank you so much, that's a huge weight off of my mind. He just seemed a bit short with me on the phone so i just wanted to make sure that everything is hunky dory!

09-08-2005, 15:39 PM
No problem....I'm sure if I am wrong about any of this I will be quickly corrected!

Although you do not have to give formal notice, it is of course a good idea to inform the landlord that you are moving out at end of tenancy, and actually moving prior to that. If you wish to actually release the property to him(ie give him the keys and allow him unrestricted access to the property) prior to the end of the tenancy,that is up to you, but bear in mind you are still responsibly for the rent until the end of the tenancy. I would probably just hold onto the keys until the end personally....makes sure that the landlord doesnt accidentally cause any damage that could then be attributed to you.

09-08-2005, 16:20 PM
Mr Shed is correct, you dont need to give any notice and you can leave at the end of the tenancy. Personally, I would pay up, hand in the keys and tie up the loose ends if you are thinking of leaving earlier, the LL should be well happy that you have paid him for a void period and he can show prospective tenants around. You could then expect a nice reference. The inventory should be carried out after you hand over the keys.

09-08-2005, 16:22 PM
I would suggest that you mention your imminent departure to your landlord and invite him to check over the property in your presence when your belongings have been removed. The question of the deposit refund can then be raised, and you can agree final gas/water/electricity meter readings. This is the point where the keys can be handed over and you can walk away from your former home knowing what you can expect in the form of your deposit refund. As a landlord, I always do it that way.