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25-07-2005, 12:17 PM
My tenants have asked if they can redecorate some of the rooms in my property - main bedroom, en-suite bathroom, main bathroom, hall, stairs & landing.

They have proposed that I pay for the materials and that we split the labour costs.

When I asked if they had a decorator in mind and if so how much he was quoting, they said they would be intending to do the work themselves! In effect then they are asking me to pay them to decorate the property.

I am slightly in two minds about this.

On the one hand, the rooms they have asked to decorate are the only ones we did not decorate while we were living in the property and therefore will not have been decorated for at least 8 years. They are therefore undoubtedly in need of redecoration and in that sense this is not an unreasonable request. They are good tenants who usually pay on time, and this request suggests they are intending to remain in the property for some time to come.

On the other hand, I am nervous about the thought of paying someone to do this whose decorating abilities I have no idea about. Obviously I would agree colour schemes etc with them to ensure they don't do anything outlandish that would make the property hard to let, but I don't want to end up paying for a poorly done job.

At the moment my thinking is to get them to provide details of colour schemes etc, also estimated cost of materials and a quote for their 'labour charge'. I will then ask a friend who is a professional decorator for his opinion on their quote. If all is OK and the quote is reasonable for an amateur I would then give them permission to decorate one room and check on the quality of the work when done before giving permission to proceed further.

What do you all think? Am I out of my mind even contemplating letting them do this, and paying them for doing it? Should I just agree that the work needs doing and get a pro in? Any comments or suggestions would be very welcome.


25-07-2005, 12:27 PM
What a cheek! We have had tenants request to redecorate and we have said yes so long as it is kept neutral and/or can be easily changed should they move out. It has been very rare that we have been asked to pay for the materials let alone the labour!

Personally I would agree to pay for the materials so long as you are agreed to what goes in, but as for charging labour! They are the ones wanting it done. Either that or get someone in to quote for the work and get them to do it, at least you know it is being done to a good standard.

25-07-2005, 15:38 PM
justaboutsane, I take your point but I suppose I'm taking the view that

at some point these rooms are going to need decorating or the property will become difficult to let next time around
this could be an opportunity to get the work done more cheaply than if I pay a professional decorator, but hopefully still to a reasonable and acceptable standard
I could say "no - if you want to do it, pay for it yourself" but then they might not do it at all and I would end up having to pay a pro decorator, or they could do it but do it badly
If I say no to this, they might also decide to move on at the end of the current tenancy, and as I say they are good tenants that I would be sorry to lose

But maybe I'm just too much of a soft touch?

25-07-2005, 15:45 PM
If they are good tenants, try and appease them. How long have they been in your property? You do have to maintain the property to the same standard, bu if they havent been in long then you will not have to redecorate as there will have been no deterioration. I would not allow them to do it themselves, unless you form a written agreement with them saying that if the standard is not professional, you will have the work redone by professionals at the tenants expense, and also claim back the materials costs wasted. I would NOT under virtually any circumstances allow them to charge you for labour for work they are themselves doing. Either do this agreement, and tell them you will not pay for labour, just materials, or get a professional in and agree on a proportion of costs(be willing to negotiate this to something like 70(you)/30(them) if they are tenants worth holding onto).

Just my tuppence worth :)

25-07-2005, 15:51 PM
Perhaps its different because I try to get long stay tenants but I always say to them that decoration is up to them, who am I to dictate their taste in their home? I should mention also that keeping the house in good decorative order is a condition of my tenancy agreement.

Billy Whizz
29-05-2006, 14:20 PM
Personally I wouldnt let them because with with most (not all) tenants the next request will be a new kitchen - then new furniture that has to come from Land of Leather - you get the picture :D

29-05-2006, 17:09 PM
Never, ever let tenants redecorate your property. If they want to hang up items to make it homely then fair enough.

Either get your own contractors to do it or wait till they move out and redecorate then.