View Full Version : Purchasing a new door

22-07-2005, 14:28 PM
I purchased a modern flat just over a year ago and have just found out that the front door is hollow and thieves have broken into various properties in the development by kicking through the doors.

I have thus decided to replace the front door which is a one hour fire door with a solid core door. I have had four prices for doing the job, one is for buying a firedoor blank from a timber merchants and getting a joiner to do the rest and comes in at £360. The other three are from door companies who buy the door made to measure and they are all looking for about £1,000. Does anyone know what differences to expect in terms of quality between these two options?

22-07-2005, 14:39 PM
Why not get a UPVC door and frame complete - Roundbrand do various ones at £199 and then £100 fitting on top and they are usually strengthened on the bottom panel to prevent "kick throughs" and generally have six point locking.

22-07-2005, 15:16 PM
I think i am correct in saying that if the flat is in a block, you must have a fire door fitted. I thin £1000 is excessive, a carpenter will give you a good job, or should do, have a look at B & Q for the price of fire doors then you will see how much they are charging for the work.