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30-05-2007, 20:17 PM
A month ago we let one of our properties to a guy. His company was to be the tenant but he was going to live there. The company paid a months rent and another month as deposit.
We've sent him a couple of letters asking him for paperwork and heard nothing.
The second months rent was due over a week ago but it's not been paid into our account.
We can't contact him by phone. All we get is voicemail and he isn't returning our calls.
There is a company address in India but his is the only contact in the UK.
My husband went round to the house tonight and got no answer. When he looked through the letterbox he could see a pile of mail, including a letter we delivered over a week ago. The curtains at the front of the house have been drawn every time we've been past over the last month.
It is possible he's on holiday, but that doesn't explain why we've not had replies from a month ago or why the rent hasn't been paid.
We are probably panicking but what can we do about this?
We have one other contact number to try tomorrow but if that doesn't work what can we do next.
The house is furnished and we'd like to go and look to check if our stuff is still there - but can we??
If he doesn't reappear and we don't get any rent paid what is our next step?
We know what to do if the rent on a property isn't paid, but it's surely more complicated if we can't find anyone to serve notice etc.

30-05-2007, 22:09 PM
Oh dear... when you popped round to drop another letter through the letterbox you could smell gas... and of course you had to open the door and take a look!!

30-05-2007, 22:43 PM
You need to go in and check it out. He may be dead in the bathtub or something. Ask the police to go with you if you feel so inclined.

31-05-2007, 09:18 AM
Don't worry guys. I was panicking a bit last night, but today it all seems a bit better.
We've managed to get hold of someone else from the company and it seems he's gone to India (so not dead in the bath).
He has unfortunately forgotten about the rent, but this other guy is going to sort it out.
It's amazing how things change overnight!! Or could it be that I'm just calmer during the day.
I'm a slightly scatty menopausal woman - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
Thanks for your help anyway. It's good to have someone to panic with.

31-05-2007, 11:40 AM
Is it a UK Company? If it is, verify its registered office address by contacting Companies House (0870-333 3636) and send a stern letter to that address. Anything sent to an R.O. address is deemed received by Co. even if, for instance, there's no-one there.