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17-05-2007, 13:04 PM
We have decided to give one of our letting agents the shove after YEARS of cr*p service! One of the tenants has £5k of arrears and only paid 2 out of 4 weeks rent last month. I have lined up an alternative agency to take over, but what kind of notice should I give the current agents.. bearing in mind they have NOT adhered to their own management agreement?

They even have the cheek to charge us £5 per month 24 hour call out fee.. we refused and they still charged us!!!!

17-05-2007, 13:58 PM

Have a look in the contract you signed when you instructed the LA. For most its anywhere between 1-3 months but this is also dependant on your current tenancy - i.e. if there is a current AST running on a fixed term they may be entitled to their cut for the whole 6 months.

HOWEVER, if you discuss with them their poor service etc and say you wish to terminate your contract with them quickly they may feel embaressed and allow you to leave quicker.

Good luck.

17-05-2007, 15:20 PM
This lot dont know the meaning of the word embaressed (shame I cant spell the damn word!) They dont give a damn... they evicted a tenant for arrears and then proceeded to take the solicitors fees THREE Times!! WITHOUT consultation! They NEVER produce Invoices for their fees or anyone elses. We do not have copies of the Gas Certs.... and they then have the cheek to charge a fee for 24 hour call out!! They even charge for damp proof course without consulting the landlord then get funny when the £800 bill is not paid 2 weeks after they issue it!! Then they turn rtound and say well this invoice is outstaning by 2 months :o

Oh and when we ask if the property is OK for a revalue and they say yes... surveyor goes in and says its like a hovel!

I could go on but the list is endless!

I have contacted the new agent and I need to put all the details in writing, I have advised on the situation with the current agent and will be calling old agent once new agent has details! TBH I dont even think there is a written agreement! Thats how slack they are! I will see what I can do in the circumstances but my gut feeling is to tell them its being taken over at the end of the month!

17-05-2007, 16:02 PM
Unfortunately there are too many rogue LA's out there. I'd check your agreement thoroughly and then shoo them off!!!!!

17-05-2007, 16:26 PM
As for your new agents, why not yourself prepare a brief but specific list of instructions? Whilst they will probably want to use their own Terms and Conditions, it's up to you as customer to tell them their role and how you require them to fulfill it.
The customer is always right. Problems mostly happen only because:
a. the customer's wishes were too vague; or
b. the agent did not follow instructions.

17-05-2007, 17:21 PM
Jeffrey... thanks for the advice, being a sort of letting agent ourselves I did test them on a few discreet things before I made my recomendations! They have made several comments which already fit my bill! I called several agents before making my final recomendations to my boss! reading through the T&Cs they match what we are after very well.. they are members of several organisations and have been in business a very long time.. They guy I spoke to has been doing this job for 20 years plus. He was able to set my mind at ease straight away and all his staff seemed knowledgable... unlike many i spoke to!

Needless to say I have not taken the decision lightly... its just getting rid of the current cowboys! We have only stuck with them so long due to the old adgae "better the devil you know" but the latest issues with them have sent my boss over the edge!

I just wanted confirmation that due to the fact that they cannot even adhere to their own terms we can get shot of them by default!