View Full Version : I have found tenants!!

11-05-2007, 08:33 AM
At long last I found found some tenants for my flat. After paying to advertise on websites such as rightmove, etc and paying to put an ad in the local paper my tenants found me from a free listing that I put on Gumtree. I was looking through websites, found gumtree and thought "I haven't posted on here yet I may as well as it's everywhere else" and lo and behold less than 48 hours later I have a couple round to look at the property and they say they want to move in. They've passed the credit checks and are really nice people.

We're living in the flat at the moment and are in the process of buying a house so went to see our solicitor the other day to exchange. Problems have arisen though about the neighbours having access straight through our back garden (which we've only just found out about) so our solicitor has told the other sides solicitor to sort it out. Me and my husband have more or less decided that we're going to pull out and went to look at another property last night - cheaper, no access issues and needs less work doing to it that the original property (still loads though as a complete dump).

Looks like we'll be moving in with friends for a short while as our tenants are moving in on 2 June.

I've still got to draw up the AST though and have to try and figure out what to put in the AST and that notice you have to issue re:deposit.