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12-07-2005, 21:08 PM
Hi all,

Hoping you can help me(sorry if wrong forum, couldnt think of somewhere more appropriate). I am contemplating setting up a website which is, at least closest description to, a student advice website. Information on universities, where to live in cities, expected cost of living/rent etc, which pubs, which courses etc etc, without going into too much detail. The intended revenue stream would be from landlords paying to list property. Obviously only after the site is established and has a user base, so at least a year after launch, would be when thinking about charging. But my intention is to be fairly cheap, so as to attract agents and private landlords alike, to attempt to have more property than other similar sites. So myquestion is basically, how much would you guys pay to list on a well designed, established and heavily promoted site? Would it be more attractive as a flat rate, per listing or per acceptance via site referral? Would agents with their own sites even consider listing? If you think its a terrible idea, just say so....I'm after any valid opinions I can get, need to figure out whether it is viable.

Thanks in advance!!

13-07-2005, 21:46 PM
My main worry would be how would you differentiate yourself from the competition? For example:


If I remember rightly they started as FOC but now charge per listing per month. I guess that we'd prefer to pay for successful letting rather than just listing, but why not offer your custy's a choice of package?

13-07-2005, 22:43 PM
Well, needless to say I dont wish to go into TOO much detail about why it will be different, but it will. The housing section is not intended to be anywhere near the only section, it will be just one small part, it is merely the only intended revenue stream. The site will mainly be geared around student information regarding many areas, not just housing. By having all this various information I would aim to at least attempt to make a "one-stop shop" for students, and hence expect both referral and repeat viewings to be high. I would also attempt to provide some genuine local knowledge. So for example, the site you have quoted is good, but I would want to describe, for example, the advantages and disadvantages of each area in a particular city.

I thought that successful letting would work best, but then thought....how would you enforce it? What is to stop a landlord/agent from merely turning round and saying they just wandered by the office one day?