View Full Version : Ex-tenant on HB has trashed property

04-05-2007, 13:44 PM
We eventually issued a section 8 to our single mum, sent a lengthy explanation of what was happening, took some good advise from you guys and the NLA and waited for the expiry date. (see my previous threads )
Out of the blue we got a letter from H.B to say our tenant had left and we would no longer get any payment they were giving us direct.. Also letter from Council tax saying property was empty and exempt. Final arrears totals nearly £2000.

Went to property last night and you've guessed - its trashed. Doors missing, holes in walls, loads of rubbish around,filty carpets. We went ahead and changed lock on front door - couldnt secure patio door so looks like they can still come and go when they please for time being. Clothes, rubbish etc. inside but no signs of anyone living there. Have my suspcions she is renting again with another private landlord.Neighbour said they left about 10 days ago.

There is a load of roofing stuff in garage from boyfriend who must have been living there- what do we do with it all? They still have keys to garage? There could be some value in that so presumable we shouldnt toss it in the skip with the other stuff?

Secondly now we have no forwrding address do we bother going for Attachment of earnings claim through courts?

So pleased we got house back without courts even though we now need to go in and spend loads on it once again....... joy of joys. Makes us really appreciate our good tenants.

Are we doing anything illegal despite letter from H.B and council?