View Full Version : Section 21 help

03-05-2007, 20:43 PM
I am about to issue my tenants a section 21 for a periodic tenancy. There is a clause in the notes section that slightly worries me:

"Where an assured shorthold tenancy has become a periodic tenancy, a Court must make an Order for possession if the Landlord has given proper notice in this form"

Can anyone tell me what this means? Does it mean I have to go to court? I was under the impression that the tenant just has to comply and move out.

03-05-2007, 22:07 PM
Most tenants will comply; find alternative accomodation and move out. But if you have ones that cannot or will not move out; you will have to get a court order for possession; and if they still will not move out after you have your court order, you get the bailifs in. Its to stop landlords evicting tenants by force.