View Full Version : ending tenancy early - what next?

03-05-2007, 06:04 AM
I have posted on here a couple of times regarding my position however I still need some advice..

I am ending a 12 month AST early due to needing another bedroom. My agent has finally given a reference (this was another tale!) and I have a confirmed date for my new home. I have given 1 months notice that I will be moving out and be available for inspection.

I understand that if the landlord will not release me that I will be bound to continue paying the rent until a new tenant is found. However, I know that the owners do not want another tenant as they will be moving back into the property in October (my 12 months contract does not expire until February 2008) so they are not 'actively' looking for a new tenant. Am I still bound to pay the rent?

I no longer trust the agent to give me the correct details as he has proved to be very unprofessional during this process and will no longer 'speak' to me, only communicating through text messages.