View Full Version : RLA newsletter: do not take HB claimants

27-04-2007, 18:51 PM
From this months RLA newsletter:

RLA Warns Landlords On Housing Benefit Tenants

Private sector landlords are being advised by the Residential Landlords Association to refuse tenancies to housing benefit claimants, because Local Housing Allowance is now handed to claimants instead of their landlords.

RLA chairman Lee Dribben said that a number of tenants are not using the money to pay rent, with landlords unable to take such losses. “In the face of this so-called reform, I can see little alternative than for professional landlords to quit the housing allowance market altogether,” he said.

Within months of the new system being phased-in, a Department for Work and Pensions report revealed that 77% of landlords with claimant tenants were reporting arrears.

28-04-2007, 14:20 PM
Is LHA now widespread?