View Full Version : Rent increase? Tenant on low rent since 1990

22-02-2007, 15:37 PM
I have a tenant who has lived in a property since 1990. There is no written tenancy agreement and they are paying a very low rent. Am I right in thinking that they are an Assured Tenant? Can you increase an Assured Tenants rent the same way as an AST tenant? i.e. serve a rent increase notice


22-02-2007, 16:58 PM
They are indeed assured tenants. You can increase the rent under s13 of the housing act. To do this you have to give the tenant at least 1 month's notice of the proposed increase, and if they are not happy to pay it, what they must do to appeal your proposals. Basically they apply to a form of rent tribunal which compares your proposed increase with the market rent for similar properties in the area and rule accordingly. Forms to do this are available from http://www.oyezformslink.co.uk for a small fee if they are not available from the agreements link above.