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20-02-2007, 20:25 PM
My letting agent has done a runner with my deposit. I was foolish enough to forget cancelling the standing order and ended up paying extra month's rent for nothing. I lost 990£.
I tried money claim online. No luck, as they could not locate him.
I just wanted to know how much is the landlord responsible for the deposit as the agreement has landlord's signature aswell along with mine and the agents ?

20-02-2007, 21:25 PM
I have no hopes of getting the extra rent back. But at least the deposit ?

20-02-2007, 23:09 PM
As I have said very recently in another post, the agent represents the landlord and has accepted the deposit and that extra month's rent on your landlord's behalf. The landlord is therefore legally obliged to return your deposit at the end of your tenancy whether or not he has recovered same from the agent. It is probably the same with the rent. Unless you had express instructions from your landlord not to pay the agent and you have proof that the rent was paid, then you can consider that the rent has been paid for the period concerned. If you landlord does not believe this, I suggest you tell him to get some legal advice.