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20-02-2007, 09:43 AM
Hi everyone, im in need of a bit of help here let me explain my situation and intention

I was in a rush to move out of my parents house and requested an 8th month lease at this apartment (in Ontario, Canada). I was kinda duped because they handed me a 12 month contract which i signed without reading over and noticed a month later. they refused to change this.
so anyways .. not only do i not have enough money for the 12 months. im not even going to be in this city at the end of 8 months. (right now were about 5.5 months in to the lease)
The only way i can legally settle this is by finding sumone to take the lease.

My plan here is this, with 2 month remaining - (month 6) give the Appartment company a notice that im leaving. If i find sumone to take the appartment fine.. but if i dont..
my plan is this
not pay the last month (as i already have done this as standard 1st and last is paid)
and then move out at the end of that month.

Iam aware of the following- they will come after me for the money, but i will be living with sumone else by that time and my name wont be on it. i dont own property or anything else. If they try to sue, i can declare bankrupt. I am a student, and will not be too affected by this, it will recover by when im done.

That said, Id like to kno if anyone can share sum insight on this. anything i missed?/
plz no lectures on not to declare bankruptsy cuz it will hurt my credit plz!

20-02-2007, 10:04 AM
You're in Canada. This site really covers only England/Wales. That means that we probably can't help you.

Does any forum member have Canadian law expertise?