View Full Version : Should my website target Agents or general public?

10-01-2007, 14:11 PM

I would like you views on this issue. I would particularly like to hear the opinions from estate agents and letting agents and people who have used property sales websites.

Business Model 1
These are property websites that only allow estate agents and letting agents to advertise their properties for a fee.

Business Model 2
These are property website primarily aimed at the general public who want to sell or rent their properties for fees.

Now the question is:

Can a property website adopt a business model that combines both models and yet keep the services free?

This is the unique business model for my website and am getting a few emails from various sources questioning me on this point.

I am able to keep the services free due to the fact that I am able to sustain the costs via referrals and proceeds from my own property investments.

Your comments will help me with my research and whether I need to re address the direction for the site.

I would like to thank you in advance for your comments.

Kind regards,