View Full Version : gas cooker specified in inventory, can it be replaced with electric?

27-12-2011, 23:37 PM
I am really frustrated by my LL. Moved into my flat 5 months ago. Inventory checks revealed gas oven not working and one gas ring not working. LL took 3 weeks to replace it. We had asked for another gas hob and if possible an electric oven but replaced with a fully electric cooker. It then took a further 5 weeks to cap off the gas and install the new cooker. further electrical work was required on the flat. all told i have had to take 2 weeks off work to wait for servicemen and have had to stay home 3 weekends with no electric while work was carried out. The grill on the new cooker has never worked, I had to arrange a service call and it can't be fixed. Curries have offered an exchange and I have again requested a gas or dual fuel cooker but my LL has ordered an electric one. There have been a host of other problems but my LL just keeps saying 'it's too expensive'.

I guess my main bugbear is the hob. Can I at least demand a gas hob as it was specified on the inventory?

btw it is a private let with no agent

28-12-2011, 17:01 PM
Can I at least demand a gas hob as it was specified on the inventory?

IMO No. LL is only required to provide adequate/equivalent cooking facilities, provided he amends the Inventory as reqd. for cooker replacement.
Is there any other gas appliances in property eg c/h boiler?
You could always install your cooker of choice, at own expense, and store the LLs cooker-reinstating LLs cooker before departing at own cost.
At least YOUR LL is undertaking nec repairs (electrics, f/s cooker). The faulty new grill is a Warranty issue for purchaser (LL)