View Full Version : Landlords expenses whilst letting out house

19-12-2011, 13:58 PM
Hi, I have just started to let my house out (living with friend unfirnished) and have put household items (furniture, fridge etc.) into storage. I have looked at web to what expenses (management fees, services, repairs etc.) that can offset against profit to reduce income tax but can not see anything with regards to storage, are the storage charges something that can be used in the expenses offsetting?

19-12-2011, 14:40 PM
I think if you have chosen to store your furniture, rather than allowing tenants to use it, or disposing of it, then that cost is yours to pay, and not allowable against your tax.

19-12-2011, 15:27 PM
I agree
If you had left your goods for Ts and rented the property as 'funished' you could have claimed 10% of value of certain items as depreciation tax allowance.