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16-12-2011, 13:05 PM
I was introduced by Stevenage Borough Council of a homeless 54 yr old and a Shorthold Tenancy agreement was signed on 20th Sep 2011, the Council agreed to pay rent direct to me at signing. Tenant moved in same day then went to Portugal. Council paid HB to tenant who kept it. I lost contact with him, his stuff is still in the flat. Later I found out that he has accommodation in Knebworth and has Holiday Home in Portugal.When I told Council that he is in Portugal they stopped his housing benefit I complained to the Council who refused to admit any errors and refused responsibility. How do I get back my property?

16-12-2011, 13:39 PM
You dont give the complete facts but have a read of this:


To get possession you will need serve the relevant notice being a S8 or Section 21 depending on your circumstances.

16-12-2011, 14:45 PM
Is he living elsewhere in this country?
If so, how do you know, and can you prove it?