View Full Version : Shower tiles removed 5 weeks ago !!

14-12-2011, 14:53 PM
5 weeks ago, due to the grouting in the shower being grubby when my friends flat mate was checked out by the landlord he arranged for a builder to come in and remove the shower tiles that were fine.

Her landlord now says that the earliest the builder can come back to replace them is in 3 weeks.

What can she do apart from continue washing at the sink ?

Many thanks


14-12-2011, 16:49 PM
Wipe down/dry the wall after showering + keep window open?

14-12-2011, 17:31 PM
Wipe down/dry the wall after showering + keep window open?Hopefully that's not a serious suggestion?

Apart from having a rant at your landlord that this is pretty unreasonable, what you could do is buy some heavy-duty polythene and a roll of waterproof duct tape, and line out the cubicle with that. Quick and easy to do, and perfectly shower-proof if done sensibly. If the LL can't bring forward the tiling date, you can at least use that as ammunition to get him to pay for polythene and tape. Better yet, he should organise a handyman to come and fit it - that certainly wouldn't take three weeks.