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12-12-2011, 02:14 AM
2 weeks ago I let 1 of 3 rooms on an AST. Re: the remaining rooms, 1 is occupied by a family member, the other is being advertised. None of the rooms have locks on the doors.

It is 2 weeks since my tenant moved in, and I have only just now managed to complete an inventory, with date stamped photos etc (date stamped a week into the tenancy). Delay in getting it done was due to an unforeseen family crisis. I plan to go through the inventory with my tenant, and to get her to sign and agree it etc.

1) Bearing in mind it was not completed upon check in, how enforceable will this inventory be in the event of a dispute?

2) Bearing in mind the tenancy is just for the room, how much of the house would it be fair for the inventory to cover? Would it be OTT to prepare an inventory for the whole house? My concern is there are no locks on the other bedroom doors and the tenant will be alone in the house for lengthy periods some of the time (my family member travels). How else can I protect the condition of the rest of the house (communal parts and the other rooms) if not through an inventory? That is whilst still acknowledging that it might be hard to apportion blame for damage to communal parts.

Please help.



12-12-2011, 09:59 AM
1) The inventory will be fine but obviously you will have no cover for any damage already done. You ma also find it difficult, now the tenant has moved in, to get that vital signature on the inventory.

2) The tenants liability is for the area demised to them. They have no control over who accesses or uses the communal area (in this case they have no control over who accesses their room either:s:). Communal areas are the landlords responsibility. Suggest you affix locks to all non-communal rooms as this is covered by HHSRS.

The property does not currently constitute a HMO, but will do if you allow a third person to move in (probably won't need a license), would it comply with HMO regulations?

12-12-2011, 10:45 AM
Fab, you've kind of confirmed what I suspected.