View Full Version : Fixed term tenancy ended - but LL put up rent - still Periodic Tenancy?

11-12-2011, 13:18 PM
Hi there

I have passed the end of my fixed term tenancy contract so understand I should be in Periodic tenancy mode now and only have to give 1 months notice (initial contract stipulated 2 months). However he has put the rent up in an e-mail which I have agreed to via e-mail. Is this therefore now a new agreement and therefore under same terms as the initial contract?

I'm now buying, but worried about giving 2 months notice in case the sale falls through and he finds another tenant. Would be much happier giving 1 months notice if legally ok to do so.

Thanks, Bibi.

11-12-2011, 14:44 PM
No, it's not a new agreement, you are fine. Presuming your rent is paid monthly, you have to give a minimum of one months notice which must expire on the last day of a tenancy period (ie the same day of the month as your 'contract' ended).

11-12-2011, 15:18 PM
You only have to give one months' notice. The same stutory provision saying that tenancies continue as statutory periodic after the fixed term specifically disapplies any clauses requiring a particular period of notice in the original contract

11-12-2011, 20:06 PM
Many thanks for your responses - very useful.