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07-12-2011, 21:28 PM
Long story short

Had an independent professional inventory done with option to do a check in. LA advised they would be there on day tenants moved in so would complete formalities.

LA did not turn up and the LA office managing the property has now closed.

LA, from another office, attended the property 2 months later and witnessed an amendments to the inventory schedule, signed by the tenant.

LA does not have a signed copy of the actual invenroty, and I am not sure one exists, although tenants have clearly seen the inventory.

Is the signed schedule of amendments enough evidence that the tenant has agreed to the inventory with amendments.

How will a deposit protection scheme view the document, in the event of a dispute.

Would a small claims court take a differnt view.

I am experiencing problems with the tenant and want to ensure that this damages etc do not become unrecoverable if they occur.

Thanks in advance

07-12-2011, 23:59 PM
It is doubtful if your inventory will be good enough in the event of a dispute at the end of the tenancy. I would write to the agent and state that as they were negligent you will be looking to them for any shortfall not covered by the deposit.

They have a duty of care towards you which they appear to have breached.