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05-12-2011, 17:14 PM
Good evening all,

We have a tenant in a house who until this point has paid the rent either on the 1st or within a day or so. However this month the telephone number I have doesn't ring and the rent is late, they have also without permission erected a metal security gate over the front door.

Added to this is that the gas check is due next week.

I've written to the T (last Thursday) but had no reply, knocked on the door today but no answer (despite car in drive, all curtains closed).

What would youre advice be please? I'm not planning on breaking in to get the gas check done but what can I do if the T isnt responding? Could also do with the rent lol!

Thanks in advance

05-12-2011, 17:47 PM
Have proof by the way of proof of posting(free from Post Office) of your repeated attempts to get the check done.

Serve a valid Section 21 notice to get your property back.

05-12-2011, 18:14 PM
..........Once two months in arrear you can serve a notice to end the tenancy.

Almost botr... actually 2 months owing.... (not the same as in arrears... )

05-12-2011, 19:50 PM

Thanks for the comments so far, perhaps I should clear the door up. It's the same UVPC door but with a metal security gate over the front.

I'll continue to 'pop' round a couple of more times this week and write to them again tomorrow.

Rather annoying!

Anyone else kindly advise of what they would do?

Thanks in advance

06-12-2011, 00:14 AM
Check with Police. identify yourself as LL and ask if they have had cause to call on property as you are unable to contact the T.
(metal security gate could suggest something a little more sinister eg drug dealing/cannabis farm)