View Full Version : moving expenses

04-12-2011, 20:55 PM
Our place was flooded due to builder error. It will take about 4 months for the drying and repairs to be completed. We agreed with the landlord that we could break the lease and move out. Is the landlord obligated to pay for our moving expenses?

04-12-2011, 21:08 PM
Unfortunately, that is something you should have negotiated as part of your 'deal'.

04-12-2011, 21:14 PM
If you have already agreed to move out, then I don't think you can expect anything else.

If the property is deemed uninhabitable due to flooding (or any other damage), is is usually down the the LL to provide alternative accommodation at his expense, until you can move back in. That is why LL's have (or should have) insurance.