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03-12-2011, 18:28 PM

There are several threads on this already, I know, but having perused them I am still confused about my own situation, so sorry for the repetition. I rented this flat fully furnished with washer/dryer combo in March.

About one month in, my landlord turned up and removed the washer/dryer and told me it had 'a dodgy door' (I hadn't noticed, it was working fine!). It was left in the street, so I know he didn't take it to put it elsewhere. The one he replaced it with was just a washer, not a dryer, and it was easily fifteen years old. We're talking brown and cream, has a tube in it for draining it by hand, might have been much older old. But it worked -- until two weeks ago, when the drum dislodged and it poured water into my neighbour's flat. I was home and upon realising the problem, drained the machine and did everything in my power to prevent damage.

From what I can see, the load that was in it wasn't out-with the capacity of the machine, but I'm not sure what happened otherwise, it just started to rattle in the middle of a cycle. When I reported it the L told me he'd get me another one. Two weeks on, he's brought another 2nd hand one -- not as old! But it doesn't work either. The spin doesn't happen.

He is very communicative but effectively useless, he has told me he's coming round every day for 2 weeks to sort it out and been absent each time. I have two questions, really...

The first is, if I wanted to purchase my own machine with a guarantee, etc, how would that impact on our agreement? Could I reasonably request a slightly lowered monthly rent amount, for example?

The second is, is it definitely his responsibility if he provides visibly worn machines and they break after a few months? I am wary of accepting this second one if he gets it working only to have to contact him again when it inevitably gives up the ghost. This is a private let, fully furnished, washer/dryer was on the itinerary when I moved in.

L is a plumber by trade, so I suspect he is bringing me washing machines that he has removed for being broken from other residences, and they are not refurbished -- the one he brought this time was filthy.

I'm just not sure I want to go through a month of upheaval every time this happens, and it seems as though it's likely to, if I don't ever end up with something that is in good working order to begin with.

03-12-2011, 19:04 PM
LL seems to have accepted repair liability etc for w/m.
AFAIK elec w/m may require a PAT Cert by LL.
Repairs are costing him time, why not suggest he makes a donation towards your own new machine, say £100? Amend Inventory to show w/m replaced bu T's machine.
I doubt any reduction in rent would be worth it. Ask the rent question if you want to.
Combi washer/driers are now v rare (too unreliable) so will kichen take 2 machines?