View Full Version : Monthly contract for renting to contractors

03-12-2011, 15:36 PM
We were wondering what the situation is if we want to rent out a flat to someone who is working away from home for a month or 2 at a time.
We wouldn't want to arrange a short term assured tenancy agreement as it will be for less than 6 months so what contract do we use?
Thanks in advance.

03-12-2011, 15:50 PM
AST can be 1 day - but section 21 not usable for 6 months from start date.

Could write AST with rent of (say) £1k 1st 2 months then £3k....

03-12-2011, 16:05 PM
We often rent to contractors with the fixed term of the AST less than 6 months. It just means you can't use S21 before 6 months is up. It doesn't usually cause a problem, but the nature of their work means they often have to re-locate with very short notice.

03-12-2011, 16:43 PM
Also if Ts are working 'away from home' for 1-2 months, check your Buildings Ins which may be voided if property is left empty for more than 3 weeks.

04-12-2011, 20:45 PM
Thats helpful to know, thankyou.
Just wondering what is the situation with holiday letting then?